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Outside the Classroom

Realizing that wisdom is the fruit of both knowledge and experience, I understand the importance of real-world working experience. I worked as an assistant to actuary in my uncle’s insurance firm in order to know more about my future career and gain some actual working experience in the society during the summer holiday before I furthered my study in America. This summer job made me understand that only knowledge from the books is not enough to equip me to stand out in the society. I need to cultivate qualities like efficient communication and good social skills to order to succeed. Thus, I seek to cultivate these qualities by joining different activities outside the classroom. Besides participating in PASS THE TORCH program and Circle K club, I am also a tutor in the tutorial center this quarter, and I activated a fellowship to help international students from Macao. Sharing knowledge is really fun and can help me train myself to express ideas in a better way. I find that teaching is actually a way of mutual learning. Not only do the tutees learn from me, but I also benefit in the course of teaching them.

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