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About me

Who am I?
I guess you cannot really get to know much about me by just telling you some backgorund information such as my name, my age, my place of birth, or anything similar to this. Therefore, I choose to answer this question by telling you how I am molded into the "Michelle Ho" now through different experience encountered in different stages of my life.

My Life Journey Till Now
I have been a good student throughout my life. I was told by my parents that I had to get perform good academically in order to secure a promising future in such a competitive society. Therefore, I studied hard and achieved academic excellence. However, in the past, I sometimes had questions like “Why did I have to pay so much effort in my study?”, “Does academic excellence really guarantee amore prospective future?”. However, I realized in my religious education that everyone has certain responsibilities and duties during every stage of life. And as a student, it is my duty and responsibility to study well. I think this is the call for me. Knowing that life has a purpose, I know that I need to study in order to equip myself so that I can achieve my goal in the future and make contributions for the society.
Talking about the ogres, I think the greatest obstacle ever met in my life was my homesickness when I was came to the US. The education in America is thought to be the most prestigious in the world and so my parents sent me here to pursue my degree. However, I had been well taken care of as if I were a little fragile flower in the greenhouse before so I could not take well care of myself after leaving my family. I used to live with my family and had my life taken care by my mother and grandmother. I used to be surrounded by my younger brother and sister. Nevertheless, when I first came here, everything was so unfamiliar for me. My family and friends were so far away from me. I felt like I had no connection here. I was so overwhelmed by loneliness that I could not concentrate on my study. Besides, at exactly that time, I found out that I had no interest in the major that I had chosen previously so my goal became very unclear. I was so lost at that time. It took me quite a while to overcome this problem. As I got to know more friends, I began to adapt to my life here and my homesickness was eased. I also managed to refocus my target when I decided to major in Math which I found really interesting. I also found my allies in my math class. I got to know several friends who major in actuarial Mathematics. We share with each other what we think is the best pathway to attain our common goal. I think I have started my journey and on the road of trials. I am now working hard towards my goal. I will get my associate degree in Mathematics in June. I think this is the
I have to pass seven examinations in order to get a fellowship in the actuarial society and I haven’t completed any one of them. Hence, I think I am still a long way from homecoming. However, I am positive towards my future and I believe I can eventually reach my destination as long as I keep trying.


My character changed frastically when I was elected as one of the officers in the student council. I used to play the role of a timid and passive girl who dared not even raise my hand to ask questions in class. However, I was nominated by one of my high school teachers to participate in the election of Student Council when I was in Grade 9 and my life was changed after that. The memory of how I shivered and quivered on the stage when I was presenting my election speech in front of all the students still remains clearly in my mind. I was elected as the Prefect of Discipline for two consecutive years. Being a Student Council Officer, I had a lot of opportunities to cultivate my leadership. I had to make announcements and speak publicly very often, so I gradually became very fluent and natural when speaking publicly. It was my duty to organize functions and activities for the school, I learnt from those experience how to allocate work among a team properly so as to get the work done efficiently. My leadership is nurtured through participating and organizing all different kinds of activities. It was thanks to my experience in the student council that I grew to be a confident and responsible leader.
I had the honor to be chosen to present the grauation speech on behalf of all my fellow graduates on the graduation ceremony of my high school. I spent a long time in writing up the script of of my gradustion speech because there were just too many things and people for me to be thankful for. I started the speech by a revised excerpt from William Shakespeare's As You Like It.
The following is the excerpt revised by me:

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and entrances, and one man is his time plays many roles.”

William Shakespeare (from As You Like It)


On the spirit of Destiny, God’s Quill danced,

Bringing us onto the stage of

Sacred Heart Canossian College.

We used to play the role of na´ve little girls,

Sometimes disappearing into the shadows at the wings,

While at other times dancing under the spotlights on the stage.

Now the curtains are drawing to a close,

And we stand as Blossoming young ladies,

Waiting to take the final bow.

The different acts and scenes we have been in

Take shape before my eyes.

I know they will be engraved in my memory even more,

And join our hands soon on another stage.



    As I had a very outstanding academic result in high school, I became a little bit too condifent and sometimes thought too highly of myself. I thought that I could overcome any barriers. It was not until I had got to the US did I realize the limit of my ability.
      I suffered from severe homesickness and was overwhelmed by sense of loneliness when I first came to the US to study. I used to be well taken care of by my parents. I used to be surrounded by my younger brother and sister and lots of friends. Never in my life had I lived alone. Hence, I had a hard time in adjusting to my new life as I had no connection with anyone here. I had no friends here at all. The fact that I had to face everything and deal with every problem by myself was really frustrating to me. Owing to all these emotional problems, I was not able to keep up with my study during the first quarter at Foothill. Before coming to the US, I always thought that I was able to surmount and hardships and difficulties on my own. However, I realized that I had been successful all through my life because there were always people beside me to support and assit me. When I was left alone, I had difficulty in even taking care of my daily life.
      Luckily, I got to know some really good friends from Hong Kong in my Math 1A class. I was able to adapt to the life in the US with their help. after this experience, I got to know that I needed support from friends and my family in order to do well. I can barely achieve anything when I am alone.
I also learnt the importance of being able to asses my own capability accurately after getting to the US. I was tested into ESL 26 in the placement test during the orientation. However, I believed that I should be able to handle English 1A, so I went to the assessment center and scheduled the English Native Speaker Test. I finally attained my goal and got placed into English 1A. However, not until I had actually attended the class did I realize that I had overestimated myself. Having arrived in the US for less than a month, I found the American culture and history totally unfamiliar to me. Hence, I could not involve in the class discussion. I realized that I had been too confident about myself when it came to the time of writing the first paper. I did not know any format or the proper way to write an English paper because I had never taken any local English class before. I decided to drop the class eventually. Yet it was too late for me to get into any ESL classes as they had been all full already. Therefore, I had only 12 units in the first quarter after dropping English 1A and seemed too leisure. However, I did not waste my time and read books concerning the ways and format of writing essay throughout the quarter. Having made enough preparations, I took English 1A again in the next quarter and the result was satisfactory.