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Michelle's ePortfolio


Here in this ePortfolio, you'll learn a lot about me: my background, my academic goal, and my experinces. I hope I can reveal to you what kind of person I am through my ePortfolio.
The focus of my ePortfolio is how my experiences have molded me into the Michelle Ho now. You can see how I has taken up Mathematics as my major and how I learnt through my life expereince.

I am an international student from Macau. I came to Foothill College in fall 2004, and that was actually the first time I came to America. This is my second year at Foothill College and I am going to transfer next year. My major is Mathematics and I plan to become an actuary in the future. One of my target universities is UCLA and hence I joined the Honors Institute to enhance my chance of getting into it.

I chose Mathematics as my major because I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from solving complex mathematical and logical problems. I sought for a way to integrate my love for Mathematics into my career eventually came up with the goal of becoming an actuary. I would like to become an actuary because it is a challenging occupation which requires a combination of strong analytical skills, business knowledge, and understanding of human behavior in order to design and mange programs risk management. The impact of undesirable events is both emotional and financial. I think that the job of an actuary is very meaningful because by evaluating the likelihood of future events and designing creative ways to reduce the likelihood of undesirable events, the impact of those undesirable events that do occur can be minimized.




Your comments are one of the sources for me to seek improvements and are thereofere highly appreciated.